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QANDA: Instant Math Helper


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App Name QANDA: Instant Math Helper
Size 127.03 MB
Latest Version 1543
MOD Info
Crack by 0912084870

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? Những Quảng Cáo Ví Dụ Như Bài Học Hay Liên Quan Đến App Thì Không Block Được Nhé !

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QANDA: Instant Math Helper Ảnh chụp màn hình

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■ Instant search
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▶ Math Topic Covered in smart calculator
• Basic Math/Pre-Algebra: arithmetic, proportional, integers, fractions, decimal numbers, powers, roots, factors, complex numbers
• Algebra: linear equations/inequalities, quadratic equations/inequalities, general polynomial equations, systems of equations/inequalities, logarithms, functions, graphing, polynomials
• Trigonometry/Precalculus: identities, logarithmic functions, exponential functions, trigonometric functions
• Calculus: series, limits, derivatives, integrals
• Statistics: combinations, permutation, factorials

▶ Supported languages
English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai

▶ Support & Feedback
We are always eager to know what you think and want to provide the best support for students' educational endeavors.
If you have any issues or feedback to improve QANDA, please don't hesitate to contact us!



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