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WeDJ for iPhone Ảnh chụp màn hình

Get the party started with WeDJ for iPhone. Developed by Pioneer DJ – the brand known for its club-standard DJ equipment – this app offers a flexible and seamless DJ experience. Play and mix music from streaming services such as Beatport Steaming and SoundCloud Go+, as well as tracks stored on your iPhone, and use performance features and FX to create your own sound.

Key features
Discover and mix new music.
Play tracks from:
- Your iTunes
- Beatport Steaming (subscription required)
- SoundCloud Go + (subscription required)*
- Other locations on your iPhone, such as Dropbox

Take your performances to the next level by connecting compatible DJ gear.
Get hands-on with any of these units:

Main features
Make the music your own.
FX (effects): Change the texture of the sound using various FX, such as Echo and Reverb.
Sampler: Get creative by triggering included sounds such as Horn and Siren.
3-band EQ: Mix smoothly by adjusting the volume of three sound ranges: high, medium, and low.
Tempo slider: Control the speed of each track and use Master Tempo to prevent changes to the key.

Other features
2-channel layout: Play two different tracks at the same time.
Beat Sync: Sync the tempo of two songs with the touch of a button.
Crossfader: Adjust the volume balance of the two tracks.
Transition FX: Create a professional-sounding transition between tracks by simply moving the crossfader.

Play your favorite parts of a track
Loop: Choose a section of a track and play it repeatedly.
Hot Cue: Mark the point in a track where you want to start playing from and jump to it at any time.

Listen and share
Automix: Let the app do the mixing so you can simply enjoy listening.
Record: Capture your mix and play it back (disabled when streaming music).
Upload: Share your mix with friends and music lovers via Mixcloud or SoundCloud.

Jog wheels: Scratch tracks by touching the jog wheel on the screen.
Enlarged waveforms: See a visual representation of the track and touch the waveform to visually check the playback position.

* Please contact the service developer about the corresponding countries of each streaming service.

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