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Hero Making Tycoon


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App Name Hero Making Tycoon
Size 809.33 MB
Latest Version 148
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Hero Making Tycoon Ảnh chụp màn hình

Welcome, my commander, hurry up to develop your hero factory, create a powerful army, and fight against the invasion of monsters!

Different from the usual games, our main character is a cute potato man!

Open up farms to mass produce potato men, build automated assembly lines to equip them with armor and weapons, and make them into soldiers of all shapes and sizes!

Hero Making Tycoon incorporates a brand new combat system, you will create hundreds of warriors through the hero factory to challenge the behemoth, whether you like simulation management or RPG, you can enjoy endless fun

Download it now and start creating your own hero!!

◈Hero Making Tycoon Features◈

* Multiple heroes
Infantry, Archer, Wizard ...... More professions for you to unlock!

* Machine Maze
A thousand strange mechanical animations to make your factory line unique!

* Boss Challenge
More than 100 kinds of huge monsters waiting for you to challenge, to get rare equipment endlessly

* Decompression experience
Q-bomb squeeze production, neat and tidy assembly line formation, hundreds of warriors besieging the beast, every detail is beyond the pressure

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