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Knight Survivors x Sinô

4.3 - Apple Acade

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App Name Knight Survivors x Sinô
Size 258.48 MB
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Crack by cuongsino

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Chức Năng:
- Anti Ban
- Xóa Quảng cáo
- Không Hồi Chiêu
- Dùng Skill liên tục
- Tự động nhặt EXP
- Tốc Độ Đánh x99

Cre: Sinô

Knight Survivors x Sinô Ảnh chụp màn hình

The monsters are taking over!
Rise, brave knights, and save the world, but first.. save yourselves!

From lowly slimes and goblins to mighty orcs, griffins and spirit kings...
Humans all over the world are under attack from these monsters.
The world is in peril!

It is your sworn duty to gather knights scattered across the land, restore order, and save the world.
But first and foremost, you have one crucial mission... Survive!

* Survive against 15000+ simultaneous monsters!
* Up-close-and-personal battles with over 15 weapons and items -- rifle, throwing hammer, magical staff, time bombs and more
* Create your own squad of elite knights, each with different abilities and skills to help you save the world
* Genre-defining action roguelite experience: clear each stage with different combinations of weapons, items and knights


[Official Links]
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/@knightsurvivors_official

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