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NCalc Scientific Calculator +


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App Name NCalc Scientific Calculator +
Size 95.99 MB
Latest Version 300
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NCalc Scientific Calculator + Ảnh chụp màn hình

◉ Main calculator features
• Natural display allows you to enter equations as you write them on paper, using fractions, roots, exponents and more to display same as it written in textbook.
• Keyboard layout is designed exactly as same as calculator 115 es plus, 991 es plus, 300 es plus and 991 ex
• Calculator supports calculating in two modes: symbolic and numeric, so you can perform fraction calculation.
• Arbitrary precision integers
• Equation solver can solve general equation, cubic, quadratic and quartic equation, the calculator also solves inequality.
• Calculus calculator can calculate derivative, integration and find limit of expression.
• Complex number calculation
• Base N calculation (binary, decimal, hexadecimal and octal)
• Statistical calculation and regression calculation (include regression plotter)
• Table generator generates table base on expression.
• Matrix and vector calculation
• The calculator includes six output types (fraction, mixed fraction, decimal, repeat decimal, degrees/minutes/second and polar coordinates) and three angle units (degree, radian, grade)
• Decimal formatter can display decimal number in five forms: normal, engineering, engineering SI, science and fixed.
• Calculation history

◉ Formulas
Calculator has a large collection of formulas, include Math and Physics formulas. It was categorised and very useful for student in secondary school, high school and university.

◉ Unit converter:
• Currency converter
• Large collection of unit conversion (1000+)

◉ Graphing as 83, 84 calculator
• Simultaneous graph: Cartesian, implicit, polar and parametric.
• Multiple graph workspaces
• Tracing, roots, intersections, extrema, integral
• Smooth zoom and transformation

◉ Stylish
• Themes
• Fonts
• Vibrate and sound

◉ Get NCalc FX Premium
Upgrade to Premium version and get access all premium features below:
- Remove ads
- Extended keyboard with hundred math functions
- Programming
- All themes
- Multi graph workspaces
- Unlimited calculator history

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