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Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG

4.7 - Apple Acade

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App Name Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG
Size 348.11 MB
Latest Version 1.7736
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Crack by trien2307

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Always Win - Tap on Pause And Give UP
If you encounter a message asking to log in to your account, use this account and log in to iosgod in the game (only log in and verify the game to enable hacking).


Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG Ảnh chụp màn hình

Embark on a magic adventure in Age of Magic! A world thrown into an era of chaos by the war between good and evil, where you can join the fight either as a divine crusader knight or as a demon from the legions of darkness! Grab your sword and embrace the power of might and magic in this epic PvP/PvE strategy RPG!

Assemble a team of elite heroes - from warriors to wizards, elves to warlords, and everything in between. Engage in turn-based combat, where strategy and cunning are just as important as strength and power. Choose to align with either the forces of light or darkness as you embark on epic campaigns, where you'll be tasked with restoring balance to a shattered world.

Take on the all-original, magic quest of the light campaign, assemble a divine and mighty party from a whole kingdom of heroes and dominate evil demons in combat. Bring a deadfall of reckoning upon the eternal evolution of darkness. For honor!

Travel a path of exile within the cold, dark campaign! Construct a legion of darkened souls, demons and other esteemed hero hunters, then use them to awaken an aeon of warfare! Follow in the footsteps of the Beast and see what legacy you can leave. Which so-called "hero" will be your next fatality? Darkness rises!

Join forces with other heroic dungeon crawlers online to conquer epic squad games, defeat enemies, and take on other players in PvP tournaments and arenas. Rise through the ranks and show your might as you lead your squad to victory.

Step into the Tomb of Horrors and see how long you can survive in the darkest dungeons, a nonstop game where you're not permitted to heal in between each fight! Or take on the inhabitants of the Cradle of Chaos, a shifting battleground that affects different heroes in odd ways.

Age of Magic features:

- PvE story campaigns from multiple perspectives!

- PvP tournaments, arenas and more!

- Friends, clans, guilds, raids and rewards!

- Demons, angels, shadows, legends, combat magic, war, dragons and more!

- Special fantasy events with incredible prizes!

- Fast-paced and strategic battles!

- Collect unique heroes, gain experience to level them up and equip them with different items!

All of this and so much more in the immortal apex of strategy games!

Build a collection of heroes, equip them with powerful items, and level them up to unleash their full potential in battle. Join a clan, participate in raids, and lead your strike force to victory.

Age of Magic features fast-paced and strategic battles, special fantasy events with incredible prizes, and a wealth of heroes, demons, legends, and arcane magic to explore. Test your skills against other players in competitive multiplayer games and see how you measure up in this rift-filled kingdom of raids and dragons. Or form a band of brothers and sisters and brave lands unknown on a war mission in the fallen frontline.

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