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The best interactive app for learning musculoskeletal anatomy. 

AnatomyMapp® combines an empowering collection of study tools for the popular Trail Guide to the Body—a best-selling musculoskeletal anatomy textbook—into a single interactive app! It's great for not only reinforcing your textbook learning but also for studying while on the bus, having a snack, or pretty much wherever you have your phone.
AnatomyMapp® includes information from all 362 Trail Guide to the Body Flashcards; questions from the Trail Guide to the Body Student Workbook; and easy search and bookmarking capabilities:

• Test your musculoskeletal anatomy knowledge by (1) answering multiple choice question (muscle cards only); (2) locating specific structures; or (3) identifying actions, origins, insertions, and nerve innervations (AOIN).

• Bookmark specific cards to review later and use enhanced navigation features for bookmarked cards.

• Apply the easy search function to choose all cards or only cards you’ve bookmarked.

• Find additional information in the Trail Guide to the Body textbook with page references on each card.

• Zoom into cards to enhance your view of the illustrations.

• Learn correct pronunciation using the app’s audio pronunciation.
Designed to be viewed in portrait mode. 
If you have any comments or suggestions, we’d like to hear from you at info@booksofdiscovery.com.
More than 2,000 manual therapy programs have chosen Trail Guide to the Body products for their students. The textbook is sold in nearly 40 countries.
AnatomyMapp® is a registered trademark of Books of Discovery. Learn more at booksofdiscovery.com.

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