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GeoShred Pro Version 6, with In-App-Purchases for GeoSWAM and Naada instruments on devices running iOS 11.4 or greater.

Imagine a new kind of musical instrument ... An instrument where a performer can fluidly express multiple independent voices. An instrument that is both pitch fluid, and helps the performer precisely reach desired musical pitches in any temperament.

GeoShred is an award-winning, fluidly expressive musical instrument that runs on multi-touch devices.

It has a performance surface with “almost magic” pitch rounding algorithms which is coupled with a model of the physics of several types of musical instruments, support for AUv3, MIDI In/Out, MPE, and 3D Touch. It’s a fusion of Jordan Rudess’ performance concepts and a powerful, modeled guitar/effects based on the Physical Modeling research of Dr. Julius O. Smith III of Stanford/CCRMA. And, GeoShred's expressive control can be used with other synthesizers.

Tens of thousands of artists in 67 countries perform GeoShred with 40% of those users in India.

GeoShred is the 2nd place winner of the 2022 MIDI Innovation Award for software, Gold Medal Winner of the 2019 Denny Award, winner of a 2019 Guthman New Musical Instrument Award, and winner of the 2017 Electronic Musician Editor's Choice Award as "one of the most innovative, groundbreaking products to emerge in the past twelve months".

GeoShred Pro Version 6 Features include:

• A fluidly expressive playing surface with finger vibrato, slide and intelligent pitch rounding
• Built in Physically Modeled Guitar
• In-App-Purchases (IAP)* for 22 different Naada Instruments: Bansuri, Bass, Bass Clarinet, Carnatic Violin, Cello, Dizi, Duduk, Erhu, Guan, Gaohu, Nadaswaram, Pan Flute, Pipa, Rudra Veena, Sarangi, Saraswati Veena, Sarod, Shehnai, Sitar, Suona, Viola and Zhonghu
• In-App-Purchases (IAP) for 11 different GeoSWAM instruments: GeoViolin, GeoFlute, GeoTenoSax, GeoCello, GeoClarinet, and GeoOboe, GeoTrumpet, GeoBassTrombone, GeoBassFlute, GeoViola and GeoPizzBass.
• Au3 plugin support
• MIDI IN/OUT and MPE support
• MIDI configuration presets
• Customizable control surface can be mapped to physical MIDI controls
• Diatonic keyboard mode where every key is in the scale.
• Support for world scales and temperaments including Indian Ragas, Arabic and Balinese scales.
• 3D touch on iPhones that support 3D touch
• Backing tracks
• Modeled effects: Distortion, Wah, EQ, VCF, Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Tremolo, Reverb, Sympathetic Resonator, Echo looper, Multi-tap Echo, Amp and Cabinet modeliing.
• Modeled feedback (Guitar) and VCF effects
• Built-in Arpeggiator
• Easily share presets with friends using email or iCloud

The Naada instruments can be performed from the GeoShred Keyboard, MPE Controllers, Conventional Controllers and Wind Controllers. The The GeoSWAM instruments can ONLY be performed from the GeoShred keyboard or MPE controllers

Praise for the GeoShred family of apps:

“GeoShred is brilliant- it’s a real instrument.” – Eddie Jobson

“A fantastic new invention which is going to revolutionize the way music is played, expressed and learned! “GeoShred” is one of the foremost best musical inventions I’ve had the pleasure to experience in recent years. Definitely 5 stars out of 5! GIGANTASTIVISSIMO…..R…A…Z !!!!!” – Patrick Moraz

“That’s just nuts. You’re [Jordan] the best-guitarist-without-a-guitar of all time” – Joe Satriani


We are dedicated to offering the highest level of musical instrument experience for our customers worldwide. It would mean a lot to us if you could leave your positive review on the App Store and If you have any questions about GeoShred we would love to hear from you at our support email address: support@moforte.com


Minimum Requirements: iOS 11.4 or better is required for AUv3, iCloud and GeoSWAM instruments.
*Note: Unfortunately, due to App Store limitations, previously purchased instrument IAPs can not be applied to a purchase of collection IAPs..

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