Idle Ninja Online x Sinô V1.980 MOD iPA

Idle Ninja Online x Sinô

4.7 - Apple Acade

V1.980 - 332.73 MB


App Name Idle Ninja Online x Sinô
Size 332.73 MB
Latest Version 1.980
MOD Info
Crack by cuongsino

Giới thiệu về Idle Ninja Online x Sinô


- Anti Cheat
-Bypass Jailbreak
-Bypass Sign
- Không Hồi Skill
- Mutil Shuriken x20
- Speed Attack x100
- Dùng Skill liên tục
- Hack Mana
- Move Speed x20

Cre: Sinô

Idle Ninja Online x Sinô Ảnh chụp màn hình

Forget about the Idle Ninja you know.
Experience the REBOOT.

▶ Starlight Server Now OPEN
Experience the whole-new Idle Ninja
and challenge to the top ranking!

▶ Focused Training System
Experience ultimate growth without stress
with 100 minutes of focused training a day!

▶ Abyss of Chaos
Climb High, Earn More!
Savor the never-stoping taste of loot!

▶ Online Mode
Grow your ninja together with friends
Enjoy online raids and look forward to the updates to come!

Experience the UI renewal, convenience and performance enhancements and enjoy the level up!

Official Community
- Check out the latest announcements and coupons!
- Official Discord: https://discord.gg/idleninjaonline

Idle Ninja Online Privacy Policy
- https://puzzlemonsters.io/privacy

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