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Learn Japanese - HeyJapan Ảnh chụp màn hình

HeyJapan - Japanese learning app with all skills: vocabulary, grammar, kanji, listening and speaking
You can learn Japanese from the alphabet (Hiragana, Katakana, Romanji) to N4 within 3 months. The application will focus on regular practice with Japanese conversation lessons interspersed with JLPT exam preparation grammar structures. Therefore, whether you are learning to communicate or preparing for a Japanese proficiency test, try our app!

HeyJapan is suitable for learners who:
- Don't know anything about Japanese and want to learn but don't know how to start and don't have a specific roadmap.
- Want to study Japanese at home in their free time, without a fixed time.
- Want to learn more knowledge beyond books to better support communication and JLPT test preparation
- Want to find new learning methods that are more practical, easier, and more effective

Key features of HeyJapan:
- Learning the Japanese alphabet is the first step for you to conquer this language. Hieroglyphs are very different from the Latin letters used by Americans. Therefore, learning at first will be very difficult, HeyJapan provides you with detailed instructions to learn the Japanese alphabet. In addition, the application also provides tips so you can learn more easily.
- Most especially, HeyJapan's Shibi chat feature will help you quickly apply what you've learned in Japanese into practice. Shibi is like your Japanese friend. It will talk to you through the topics you've learned. Therefore, you will feel more excited, remember Japanese vocabulary longer, and know how to apply grammar in communication.
- The Japanese conversation feature is one of the new features developed recently. This feature will help you review vocabulary and grammar in a conversation topic. Then you can practice speaking with or without subtitles. It is useful for those who want to practice Japanese communication.
- Learn with topics and a methodical roadmap: You will fully learn Japanese skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing with each separate topic arranged from easy to complex. The curriculum is compiled according to the Minano Nihongo curriculum, which is familiar to Japanese learners. We will start with topics such as introducing ourselves and family to complex topics such as body senses. This will help you apply and remember easily because it sticks to everyday life.
- Build a Japanese learning path suitable for each learner's goals. Whether you choose to study Japanese every day for 15, 30, or 45 minutes. The application will suggest the route to learn Japanese what skills, and what lessons, this will help you feel like having a teacher guide you when going to school.
- Boost motivation with cute badges that make Japanese learning more fun You will receive adorable titles such as Speaking Newbie when you complete a speaking exercise and Writing Expert when you write 50 new words,…
- Synthesize the test questions so that Japanese learners can check their level, supporting JLPT exam goals: 40 JLPT practice tests.

HeyJapan makes learning Japanese fun, interesting, memorable, and easier. Let's make friends with Heyjapan and conquer Japan together! HeyJapanで簡単に日本語を学びましょう
If you are using other applications such as Mazii, Easy Japanese New – TODAI, Migii JLPT, please support us because we are the same corporation.

HeyJapan always wants to send you the best Japanese vocabulary and grammar application. However, errors are inevitable, HeyJapan is looking forward to your feedback to improve the application better and better. Please send your feedback to email: heyjapan@eupgroup.net.
Find out more about our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here: https://eupgroup.net/apps/heyjapan/terms.html

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