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To learn long division with a step-by-step guide, there's no other app like MathEdge! *SCHOOL EDITION: This is a one ...

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To learn long division with a step-by-step guide, there's no other app like MathEdge!

*SCHOOL EDITION: This is a one time purchase version specifically for schools using the volume purchase program or those that cannot make in-app purchases. Do not purchase this app if you already subscribe to "MathEdge Division" via in app purchase.*

- Division step-by-step guide
- Division flash cards 1-9
- Choose between two levels of difficulty
- Learn and practice remainders
- Caters to both left and right handed children
- Includes audio instructions
- Great for classrooms or at home

• Test your child with a set of division flash cards to exercise and improve their math smarts.
• Choose between a right-handed or left-handed layout for ease of use.
• Show your child how to properly arrive at each answer with a guided step-by-step experience that teaches valuable math skills.

"This app makes it possible to take a step by step approach to solving long division problems - for students, it replicates the idea of showing your work that usually happens with pencil and paper but also helps guide you to the right answer along the way." - Mrs. Green, 4th grade teacher

User emails:
- Thank you this helped me so much. I am so VERY glad this app exists
- This app really helps me because I do not really get division so thanks to whoever made this app
- This game has helped me so much.  I got 100% because of it.
- I am now the smartest person in my class thanks for everyone that made this app.  Yay!
- Thank you for teaching me to do long division I never got this so thank you!
- I can learn lots from this!!!!!!!!  Thanks.
- I really like this game it is really fun but at the same time I am learning my division it can help me get ready for school
- Thank you very much since 4th grade I didn't know division but since you came I'm a math wiz at division so now your my hero
- I was having a hard time until I found your app thank you
- I love this app it is fun to me and I am getting better at it and my teacher is happy because I know mostly all of it and my teacher is smiling at me every time I get it right.

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Recommended Ages: 8-10, 11-12
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