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Packr Travel Packing List Ảnh chụp màn hình

Save time before going on a trip with Packr! Packr will help you pack your suitcase for each trip. The packing list is based on your destination (city, country or region), travel dates and activities.


Packr creates a packing checklist for your suitcase from 24 pre-defined activities.
Based on length of stay, weather and planned activities, your packing list will be ready in no time. This is the perfect tool for your summer vacations, long week-ends, road trips and even camping.


Every journey is different, each traveler has his own habits. Packr learns from each of your trips to organize the packing checklist, and adjusts the items based on your previous trips.
You will never forget to pack THAT thing again !


A quantity can be set for each item, some items' quantity will be automatically adjusted to the length of your stay.
You can also create your own packing lists.


Premium users can synchronize trips on all devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
You can also share the checklist with your travel companions or print it out.

Packr has already travelled several thousand times around planet Earth packing over a million items in each traveller's suitcase.

Packr has been used for trips to cities like Paris, London, Barcelona, New York City, Montreal, Berlin, Majorca... And countries like France, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, USA, Italy, Canada, Germany and 1000+ more locations.

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