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App Name Scanner - PDF Scan, Paperless!
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Photo scanner.

Scanner - PDF Scan, Paperless! Ảnh chụp màn hình

Scan quick and easily real-world objects such as documents, notes, receipts, books, magazines, id cards, business cards, whiteboards and even your photos, etc., and add them to your digital PDF notebooks.

Scanner transforms your iPad and iPhone into a potent mobile scanner with these main features:

· Scan directly from your iPad or iPhone's camera. Utilize the flash either automatically or manually.

· It's a PDF converter as well, convert from MS Office, iWork, Text and other documents to PDF. Edit and anotate them!

· Automatically detects the edges of documents or manually adjust and crop them.

· Scan in color or black and white.

· Rearrange the pages of your document and crop them before saving the project.

· Scanner provides a tactile, ink-on-paper experience due to the intuitive, quick, and pixel-perfect precise control of your Apple Pencil. It also offers handy features such as tilt and pressure sensitivity, and support for palm rejection.

· Use enhanced seven Ink tools to annotate, write, and sketch on your scans including Marker, Pen, Pencil, Monoline, FountainPen, Watercolor, and Crayon.

· Veritable file manager to organize your scans in notebooks, folders, and subfolders. Duplicate, delete to trash, or rename your documents with ease. Supports more than 40 file formats. (MS Office, iWork, Zip, JPEG, PNG, RTF, etc!)

· Personalize the cover of your notebooks or folders.

· Send, sync and share PDF documents from/to iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.

· Set up a security app passcode to protect your documents.

· iCloud syncs your scans across all devices. Scan a document on your iPhone or iPad and it will automatically update to iCloud Drive. All of your devices, including your computer, will synchronise.

· Includes a robust PDF editor with edition, search and annotation tools.

· Supported document and file formats manageable in Scanner:

· Supported document and file formats manageable in Scanner:

- Text, Books and Documents: Pages (.pages), Numbers (.numbers), Keynote (.key), HTML (.html), Markdown files (.md), Tex Document (.tex), TrueType Collection Font (.ttc), TrueType Font (.ttf), XLS (Excel files) (.xls), PPT (PowerPoint files) (.ppt), PPTX (PowerPoint files) (.pptx), XLSX (Excel files) (.xlsx), Zip Archive (.zip), PDF Document (.pdf), RTFD Document (.rtfd), Plain Text Document (.txt), Microsoft Word document (.doc, .docx), RTF Document (.rtf)

- Video: MP4 (.mp4), iTunes video (.m4v), H.264 Images, 3GPP (.3gp), 3GPP2 (.3g2), QuickTime movie (.mov)

- Audio: MP3 (.mp3), AC-3 audio, AIFC audio (.aifc), AIFF audio (.aiff), AMR Audio (.amr), Sun/NeXT audio (.au), Enhanced AC-3, Apple m4a (.m4a), Core Audio, WAVE audio (.wav)

- Images: HEIC (.heic), Adobe DNG (.dng), HEIF (.heif), Image File (includes .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpeg-2000), SVG Document (.svg)

· And much more! Get it now for FREE and try it for yourself!

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