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App Name Star Merge: Merging Match Game
Size 243.27 MB
Latest Version 5770.9964
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Star Merge: Merging Match Game Ảnh chụp màn hình

Welcome to the island of Sitaara. Once a proud meeting place of many mystical civilizations has turned into wildlands after the fated Starfall and now needs your merge magic!

Help sweet adventurer Mira and her many friends tame the magic wilderness and awaken the ancient creatures, such as a dragon, mermaid, and unicorn, but also a unique set of natural spirits that feel as if they jumped straight out of the fairy fable.

Star Merge: Merge Match Puzzle stands out from the other merge games by combining resource management, gardening, and a rich storyline with intriguing character arcs that provide great fun. At the same time, you match and combine exquisitely crafted collections to merge into powerful pieces of the ever-evolving fairy tale. Experience merging dragons, and building your own merge gardens that fuel the resources for the intricate, yet intuitive recipes for your craft shops. As you exchange the goods and gossip harbor master will reward you with exclusive collections to merge and trade for blueprints for the construction of buildings that will elevate your initial settlement into an era of lush prosperity.

Enjoy the fun, story-driven events, racing your dragon, climbing the leaderboards, and rising to many different challenges in wonderful magic games. Reap abundant awards, treasure chests, shiny coins, and magic diamonds to help you savor this relaxing and peaceful merge game.

**Match & Merge**
- Beautifully crafted collections include ancient art and statues, an increasingly powerful mansion to host your friends, delicately crafted items of fashion and beauty, delicious food and drinks prepared from succulent ingredients of your merge gardens
- Keep merging and you can invoke powerful spirits and even your very own magic companion, raising them from egg to a powerful yet adorably cutesy dragon!

- Merge bushes to bear yummy fruits and vegetables to turn into delicious recipes.
- Don’t forget to water your plants and grow a garden to make your granny proud!

- Expand and grow your land by trading with foreign lands, ever hungry for the unique products of your mines, gardens, craft, and luxury shops.
- If you are crafty, you can even set up a trade with a mermaid, getting your mittens on some shiny pearls!

- Clear out the wilderness to reveal the ancient landmarks, brave entering the magic hotspots, and bring back wonderful treasures and new challenging obstacles to chop and merge.
- Win mystical foraging fruits by operating your shops and factories!

**Fantastic creatures**
- Rub shoulders with dragons, mermaids, and unicorns, and merge animals to grow them into extraordinary creatures like opera owls or fortune-telling peacocks!
- From egg to dragon, or fluffy Persian cat gather pets fit for a princess!

As Mira would say: “Merge on!”

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Uninstalling Star Merge during the update process can cause progress loss. If troubles arise, contact us: support@plummygames.com

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